PAS | 93 In Every Empty Bottle is a Story
Performance Art Workshop in Hong Kong
Young artist Merle Sommermeier hanging on door in an abandoned building, only with a visible hand and leg.

Photo by Monika Deimling of Zsofia Börcsök at PAS | 82 in Leipzig (DE), 2023

PAS | 93 'In Every Empty Bottle is a Story'

1 – 8 December 2024 in Hong Kong, in collaboration with FURNACE (Hong Kong Performance Lab).

An 8-day learning program offering a practical, in-depth dialogue with performance art practice, where we want to gain a closer look into performance making that addresses the huge variety of choices that are available to express our thoughts, artistic concepts and share them with others. How to start an artistic process from a gut feeling, from a vague idea and how to build visual bridges to others? We want to open the research in all possible directions to find strategies to convey our stories, our content or our message. In this sense we need to collect many bottles and look for the stories inside.

Led by the PAS | Team: BBB Johannes Deimling and Monika Deimling
Host: Jing Pang

Participation fee: €390


PARTICIPATION FEE: €390 / $3300 HKD (Price does NOT include travel and accommodation costs)

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, meaning that studies may fill up before the closing date.

Maximum 12 participants


1 December 2024: official start 10:00 until 17:00, Foo Tai Building, Wan Chai
1– 6 December 2024: practical studies and research (10:00 – 18:00)
December 2024: public presentation
8 December 2024: reflection, brunch and closing day, departure (15:00)


Visit our Library to take a closer look at our previous Studies documented in a process publication.


  • pedagogical, artistic and technical guidance of experienced artist and performance art professor BBB Johannes Deimling with assitance of visual artist Monika Deimling
  • exploring performance art through a variety of unique performative exercises, experiments, games and assignments
  • collaborating with other like-minded people with different experiences, backgrounds and nationalities
  • program adjusted to the group dynamics and individual needs
  • contacts with artists, curators and art institutions
  • final public presentation in Hong Kong
  • photo documentation by Monika Deimling and video documentation of the final presentation
  • process publication, documenting the whole research study including the public performances
  • tons of inspiration, practical and theoretical knowledge, new experiences
  • and many more that is dependent on your engagement

A story that I tell myself is a very lonely story. This story would not have the chance to travel through other ears and minds and make its way around the world. It will not inspire, wonder, fascinate or bore and will at some point drown in the hole of forgetting. A story is made to be shared at least with one other person to unfold its magic. “A friend of mine told me…”, “I have heard a story that…” are the sentences where the told story extends its existence and continues to live on. It is important that stories live on, mainly when they speak about us as humans trying to maneuver in the precarity of life because they might be useful to others.

And sometimes talking can destroy the atmosphere. Performance art practice has developed several ways to tell a story by using completely different vocabulary. And that offers many options because some stories are difficult to tell.

A first starting point to visual talking can be the gesture or the movement. Both transform an inner feeling and emotion into something that speaks very clearly to us. For instance, hands in motion can combine many sentences in one slight movement. A course of action is able to extend or even condense a moment in that we can combine with materials and objects. And that could already be an intensified dialogue. By placing the poetics into an artistic context or environment a rich expression emerges and words are then just obsolete.

Performance art uses an alphabet of actions, movements, gestures and many other features that works like the morse code. But we don’t need to decode the visuals because we are able to listen with our eyes and see with our ears.

In the 92nd edition of PAS | Performance Art Studies we want to gain a closer look into performance making that addresses the huge variety of choices that are available to express our thoughts, artistic concepts and share them with others. How to start an artistic process from a gut feeling, from a vague idea and how to build visual bridges to others? We want to open the research in all possible directions to find strategies to convey our stories, our content or our message. In this sense we need to collect many bottles and look for the stories inside.


> 日期

與熔爐(香港行為現場實驗室) 合作的為期 8 天的行為藝術實踐與理論學習課程。
1. 2024 12 月:10:00 正式開始,灣仔富德樓
1. – 6. 2024 12 月:實踐學習與研究
7. 2024 12 月:最後陳述
8. 2024 12 月:反思、早午餐及結束日,告別(15:00

> 申請
申請截止日期: 1. 2024 11

> 價格
正常費用:3,300 港(價格不包括旅遊和住宿費用)

> 優惠
由經驗豐富的藝術家、行為藝術教授 BBB Johannes Deimling 和視覺藝術家 Monika Deimling 提供教學、藝術和技術指導
– Monika Deimling 拍攝的照片資料和最後展示的影片資料

> 概念
我跟自己說的故事是一個很孤獨的故事。 這個故事不會有機會透過其他人的耳朵和心靈傳遍世界。 它不會給人啟發,不會讓人驚奇,不會讓人著迷,也不會讓人厭煩,終將淹沒在遺忘的深淵裡。 一個故事至少要與另一個人分享,才能展現它的魔力。我的一個朋友告訴我……”我聽過一個故事……”,這些句子都是被講述的故事的延伸和延續。 讓故事延續下去非常重要,主要是當故事講述我們人類在岌岌可危的生活中,努力掙扎的時候,因為這些故事可能對他人有用。

有時,說話會破壞氣氛。 行為藝術實踐已經發展出多種方法,可以使用完全不同的詞彙來詮釋故事。 這提供了許多選擇,因為有些故事很難講。

手勢或動作是視覺語言的第一個起點。 這兩者都能將內心的感受和情感轉化為能清晰表達的東西。 例如,手的動作可以在一個輕微的動作中組合出許多句子。 一個動作能夠延長甚至濃縮一個瞬間,我們可以將其與材料和物體結合。 而這已經可以成為一種強化的對話。 將詩學置於藝術脈絡或環境中,就會產生豐富的表達方式,語言就不存在了。

行為藝術使用行動、動作、手勢和許多其他特徵組成的字母表,就像摩斯電碼一樣。 但我們不需要對視覺效果進行解碼,因為我們可以用眼睛去聽,用耳朵去看。

在第93 期《行為藝術研究》(PAS | Performance Art Studies)中,我們希望更深入地了解行為藝術的創作,了解我們在表達思想、藝術概念並與他人分享時所面臨的各種選擇。 如何從一種直覺、一個模糊的想法開始藝術創作過程,以及如何與他人建立視覺橋樑? 我們希望從所有可能的方向展開研究,找到傳達我們的故事、內容或訊息的策略。 從這個意義上說,我們需要收集許多瓶子,尋找裡面的故事。

> 教師
BBB Johannes Deimling
視覺藝術家,從事行為藝術、電影、繪畫和聲音創作。 他是 PAS 行為藝術研究的創始人和藝術總監。

Monika Deimling
從事攝影、刺繡和電影創作的視覺藝術家。 她是 PAS 行為藝術研究的創意經理。

彭靖 – 香港的主持
行為藝術家,作品涉及身體與靈性、關係與連結、未知與風險、土地與植物之間的連結。 她是FURNACE HK的創始人。

如需諮詢、申請或更多信息,請致信: pas[at]

PAS | TEAM FOR this program

BBB Johannes Deimling as a teacher
Visual artist working with performance art, film, drawing and sound. He is the founder and artistic director of PAS | Performance Art Studies.

Monika Deimling as a critical observer and photographer
Visual artist working with photography, embroidery and film. She is a creative manager and photographer of PAS | Performance Art Studies.

Jing Pang as a host in Hong Kong
Performance artist working with the connections between the body and spirituality; relation and connection; the unknown and risk; and the land and plants. She is the founder of FURNACE HK. 


By Farnoosh A. Nik
“You managed somehow to ACTIVATE my creative spirit and provided the opportunity to expose it to others and to hear from them and to look into other’s mind and to WATCH ACTIVELY and to LISTEN RESPONSIVELY which are amazing skills that I forgot I have and I forgot to pleasure them.

By Kevin Meehan
“I very very very much appreciated the “there is no wrong or right” motto and you sticking to it! I have heard these very words from other teachers and then very quickly it is revealed that there is in fact a “wrong”. But throughout the PAS Study I felt a growing freedom, a deeper confidence, and a respect for my gut impulses.”

By Veronika Merklein
“And there it was: “Trust your image, your action, yourself!”. PAS empowered me to take MY (performance) art more serious, called my attention to the structures of performances, co-performers in performances and especially really precisely to materials and objects. All in all, I learnt a general attentiveness and it gave me the needed boost to grow up and risk.” – (Veronika Merklein)

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In the case of cancelling the confirmed spot, the Participant is entitled to a full refund, if PAS | Performance Art Studies receives a notice about it via email, 14 days before the program. If the notice is shorter than 14 days before the program, the fee is going to be returned only if a replacement is found.

If the program is cancelled by PAS | Performance Art Studies, the Participant receives a full refund of the fee.


– How to register?
Please fill the form to register for the classes: here. Wait for the confirmation, transfer the fee and you are ready to go.

– I registered but didn’t cover the fee. Is my workshop spot reserved?
Unfortunately not, your place is fully booked only when you cover the fee.

– I am interested in Performance Art but have not much experience, can I take these classes?
Of course, you can, moreover, you should 😉 The PAS teaching method is structured in a way, that no matter what stage you are in you will gain from the process and can further develop your interests.

-I am already an experienced performance artist, will I learn anything new?
Yes, you will, under one condition – you will attend the class with full dedication 😉

– I would need a letter to apply for covering my participation fee. Can you provide such a letter?
No problem with that. You just need to provide us with some details and we can send you the letter.

– Can I apply for a scholarship?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide scholarships. We can support you by sending invitation letters if you want to apply for some grants. Besides, we offer payment by instalments.

– I am an art student at a university. Is it possible that my whole class takes part in this course?
Yes, reach out to us and we will help you with further steps.

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