PAS | 86  Absurdity - The Hole in Rationality
Performance Art Workshop in Nijmegen, The netherlands
Young artist Merle Sommermeier hanging on door in an abandoned building, only with a visible hand and leg.

Photo by Monika Deimling of Danielle Brans at PAS #80 in Nijmegen (NL), 2023

PAS | 86 "Absurdity - The Hole In Rationality"

15 – 22 October 2023 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands in collaboration POPOP Art.

An 8-day learning program offering a practical, in-depth dialogue with performance art practice in relation to absurdity as an artistic tool. In a variety of experimental settings, we aim to dive into the ocean of the absurd and explore its structure, its essence, and its potential for the process of creating.

Led by the PAS | Team: BBB Johannes Deimling and Monika Deimling

Regular fee: € 350 (possible payment by instalments)
Early bird price: € 325 for registrations until 3 September 2023


PARTICIPATION FEE: € 350 (Price does NOT include travel and accommodation costs)

EARLY BIRD PRICE: € 325 for registrations until 3 September 2023

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: extended – 1 more spot left

Maximum 12 participants


15 October 2023: official start at 10am in Papengas, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

15 – 20 October 2023: practical studies and research

21 October 2023: public presentation at official event

22 October 2023: reflection, brunch and closing day, departure (15:00)


Visit our Library to take a closer look at our previous Studies documented in a process publication.


  • pedagogical, artistic and technical guidance of experienced artist and performance art professor BBB Johannes Deimling with assitance of visual artist Monika Deimling
  • exploring performance art through a variety of unique performative exercises, experiments, games and assignments
  • collaborating with other like-minded people with different experiences, backgrounds and nationalities
  • program adjusted to the group dynamics and individual needs
  • contacts with artists, curators and art institutions
  • final public presentation in collaboration with POPOP Art
  • photo documentation by Monika Deimling and video documentation of the final presentation
  • process publication, documenting the whole research study including the public performances
  • tons of inspiration, practical and theoretical knowledge, new experiences
  • and many more that is dependent on your engagement
CONCEPT "Absurdity - The Hole in Rationality"

It seems to be mainly artists, or perhaps scientists, who feel comfortable in a state of absurdity: Being extremely unreasonable, senseless or so unreasonable as to be irrational or not taken seriously are states that artists know well enough. For others, absurd states would primarily cause embarrassment or an unpleasant feeling. And yes, that is understandable – even if it is not.

Allowing absurd moments and situations to happen is not always an enjoyable state, because they are outside the norm and outside how we would like life to be. They lead to a clash of viewpoints and opinions and bump into scientific facts. The absurd is often linked to the paradox that creates this kind of non-sense, where reality is bent to the limits of acceptability. But the absurd is always real because it exists in our lives as part of our social interactions, our behaviour and our various concepts of life.

The absurd has been important to many art movements such as Dadaism, Surrealism, FLUXUS and many others. The reason for this is not only provocation but above all the search for an understanding of our existence outside of rationality. In art, logic, and rationality are not always of any help. Logic often blocks access to another universe in which other parameters are relevant, parameters that are no less important for life than rational ones. In mathematics, for example, 1+1 equals 2, but in art, 1+1 can equal 7 or sometimes 1. This means that the sun is not always yellow and the sea is not always blue, that life is not what we want it to be, and that the absurd lurks around the next corner. The absurd is often used as a tool to get closer to the reality of our existence, similar to what we can observe in philosophy.

Often linked to humor and/or poetry, absurdity is not always dramatic or tragic. Humor and poetry build bridges to explore the absurd, they can be a compass to manoeuvre through its complex structure. And this is exactly the starting point of the research, where we want to jump into the absurd universe and find solutions on how to use the absurd as a creative and constructive tool in performance art.

With PAS #86 we aim to dive into the ocean of the absurd and explore its structure, its essence, and its potential for the process of creating.  We offer a practical, in-depth dialogue with the practice of performance art in relation to questions of the research theme, which is essential but not exclusive to performance art. Sculpture, painting, dance, theatre, architecture or music equally work with absurdity to create, formulate and visualise. The inclusion of various factors allows for an in-depth exploration of performance art that incorporates creative processes and provides access to individual work and concept development. Through a variety of experimental settings, we will explore the absurd and create performance art works that bend logic, extend perspectives and engage the body. The performance artworks created in this process will be presented to the public in a festival-like public presentation at the end of the programme in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

PAS | TEAM FOR this program

BBB Johannes Deimling as a teacher
Visual artist working with performance art, film, drawing and sound. He is the founder and artistic director of PAS | Performance Art Studies.

Monika Deimling as a critical observer and photographer
Visual artist working with photography, embroidery and film. She is a creative manager and photographer of PAS | Performance Art Studies.


We are very happy to collaborate again with POPOP in Nijmegen (NL), this time for PAS #86.

POPOP is currently focused on Performance Art and aims to expand its reach and bring this art form to a wider audience. In the near future, POPOP plans to establish itself as a platform that offers a diverse collection of talented performance artists, making it easy to book the perfect artist to add excitement to any event. With its comprehensive database, POPOP is poised to become the go-to source for top-notch performance art.

Their team created as well the POPOP Performance HUB, which is a new platform for the development of performance art. It is a collaboration between POPOP, Elky Rosa Gerritsen and Daniëlle Brans, bringing together resources, facilities, ideas, and expertise. With a focus on research, experimentation, and community building, the HUB offers a space for artists to grow and develop their craft. Under the guidance of its leaders, the HUB has hosted meetings and workshops that introduce a diverse group of artists to new ways of thinking, moving, and expressing themselves. In the coming years, the POPOP Performance HUB will continue to expand its reach and provide a space for contemporary art in Nijmegen, allowing artists to flourish and providing a broader audience with the opportunity to experience this unique form of contemporary art.

POPOP team: Danielle Brans; Elky Rosa Gerritsen, Rutger Schilpzand, Els Jacobs, Joos van der Zanden


By Farnoosh A. Nik
“You managed somehow to ACTIVATE my creative spirit and provided the opportunity to expose it to others and to hear from them and to look into other’s mind and to WATCH ACTIVELY and to LISTEN RESPONSIVELY which are amazing skills that I forgot I have and I forgot to pleasure them.

By Kevin Meehan
“I very very very much appreciated the “there is no wrong or right” motto and you sticking to it! I have heard these very words from other teachers and then very quickly it is revealed that there is in fact a “wrong”. But throughout the PAS Study I felt a growing freedom, a deeper confidence, and a respect for my gut impulses.”

By Veronika Merklein
“And there it was: “Trust your image, your action, yourself!”. PAS empowered me to take MY (performance) art more serious, called my attention to the structures of performances, co-performers in performances and especially really precisely to materials and objects. All in all, I learnt a general attentiveness and it gave me the needed boost to grow up and risk.” – (Veronika Merklein)

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In the case of cancelling the confirmed spot, the Participant is entitled to a full refund, if PAS | Performance Art Studies receives a notice about it via email, 14 days before the program. If the notice is shorter than 14 days before the program, the fee is going to be returned only if a replacement is found.

If the program is cancelled by PAS | Performance Art Studies, the Participant receives a full refund of the fee.



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Of course, you can, moreover, you should 😉 The PAS teaching method is structured in a way, that no matter what stage you are in you will gain from the process and can further develop your interests.

-I am already an experienced performance artist, will I learn anything new?
Yes, you will, under one condition – you will attend the class with full dedication 😉

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