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Poster of open call for performance art online class in 2023.

PAS | Performance Art Online Class 3.0

February or March 2023

In the past two years we have conducted 25 Online Classes on different topics of Performance Art topics with amazing artists from different time zones. From Hong Kong to UK and from South America to Ukraine we had people joining the classes willing to widen the perspective of performance work practice, theory and philosophy and collaborate together in different research settings. The individual and collective outcome of the participants has been enriching, motivating and led to new approaches of collaborative performance work. Online-based collaborations, video performances and live performances were made after the classes and created an international network of performance art lovers and makers.

Led by BBB Johannes Deimling and Monika Deimling

Price: €225 / €205 (payment possible by instalments)

The Classes
PAS | Online Class #27

24 – 26 February 2023
Research focus: Stillness – or the calm before the storm

In music, silence is as important as it is to producing a tone. In dance, stillness is as important as movement and in performance, art stillness can become a very strong tool to underline a certain moment. And yes, stillness can be very active and very loud too. We will connect the made research this weekend to produce performances for the camera and freeze active moments into one or a series of photographs.

Research questions (Examples): “Am I not moving, if I am standing still?”, “What is the activity in stillness?”

24 February 2023: 6pm – 9pm (Berlin time)
25 February 2023: 2pm – 8pm (Berlin time)
26 February 2023: 2pm – 8pm (Berlin time)


PAS | Online Class #28

10 – 12 March 2023
Research focus: Absurdity – Fümms bö wö tää zää Uu, pögiff, kwii Ee.

The absurd is characteristic within the arts because as artists we speak about something that we cannot transfer via words. If we break through or change the regular course of action, we may open the door to a world that speaks differently but also more directly to us and others. By entering the absurd space, we are able to find the sense in non-sense. Two key tools in this process are observation and transformation. With specific exercises, we will embrace the absurd and bring them into a dialogue with our views, desires and challenges.

Research questions (Example): “Is it possible to eat an apple and then peel it?”, “What makes sense if nothing seems to make sense?”, “What does “Fümms bö wö tää zää Uu, pögiff, kwii Ee.’ mean?”

10 March 2023: 6pm – 9pm (Berlin time)
11 March 2023: 2pm – 8pm (Berlin time)
12 March 2023: 2pm – 8pm (Berlin time)


PARTICIPATION FEE: €225 (possibility to pay by instalments)
PARTICIPATION FEE for former PAS | Online Class participants: €205

PAS | Online Class #27: LAST SPOT FREE
PAS | Online Class #28: until 5 March 2023

Maximum 9 participants per class



PAS | Online Class #27
24 February 2023: 6pm – 9pm (Berlin time)
25 February 2023: 2pm – 8:30pm (Berlin time)
26 February 2023: 2pm – 8:30pm (Berlin time)

or PAS | Online Class #28
10 March 2023: 6pm – 9pm (Berlin time)
11 March 2023: 2pm – 8:30pm (Berlin time)
12 March 2023: 2pm – 8:30pm (Berlin time)

NOTE: there will be breaks and exercises away from the screen to rest your eyes.


PAS | Online Classes 3.0 are a 3-day learning programs on performance art in practice. For all three classes we present an active and intense weekend workshop on performance art in which you will be active and perform (indoors and outdoors). You might even want to rearrange your living room or use your kitchen or bathroom for your performance tasks. Exercises, experiments and lecture input on the given topics are waiting for you: a research-based weekend with other like-minded people.

• Working in a small group (min. 6, max. 9)
• Performance tasks in group and individual, assignments
• Inspirational lecture
• Performance presentation
• Technical, pedagogical and artistic guidance of BBB Johannes Deimling
• Meeting and working with other like-minded people
• The certificate approving the completion of the course
• Internet publicity, if agreed (Social Media, Website, online publication)

PAS | TEAM FOR this program

BBB Johannes Deimling as a teacher
A visual artist working with performance art, film, drawing and sound. A pedagogue with over 25 years of experience in teaching performance art. He is the founder and artistic director of PAS | Performance Art Studies.

Monika Deimling
A visual artist working with photography, embroidery and film. She is a creative manager, teaching assistant and photographer of PAS | Performance Art Studies.

feedback from participants

By Lilia R., participant of the PAS | Online Class
“I have appreciated every second of this course and I will miss it very much! The goofy jokes of Johannes, the unique and mind-blowing content, the perfect coordination and organization of Monika, Laurence’s encouragements and ideas improved me and my piece in the craziest way possible! The program is strong, intense and life-changing.”

By Farnoosh A. Nik, participant of the PAS | Online Class
“You managed somehow to ACTIVATE my creative spirit and provided the opportunity to expose it to others and to hear from them and to look into other’s mind and to WATCH ACTIVELY and to LISTEN RESPONSIVELY which are amazing skills that I forgot I have and I forgot to pleasure them.

By Emrah G., participant of the PAS | Online Class:
“With this workshop, I had a big chance to see lots of other perspectives, methodologies, understanding of dealing with a space- body- objects! And it helped me a lot to understand what is my current state!”

By Annika L., participant of the PAS | Online Class
“It is amazing, how many different and brilliant ideas you have got, to make each workshop unique and sustainable. The combination between well-prepared exercises and free spaces for experiments is very well planned. Also the combination of single tasks and group tasks. Enjoyed every minute!”

By Valentina G., participant of the PAS | Online Class
“I appreciate the timing and the gentle unfolding of the tools. One step at a time, we had the lightness of spirit to explore and create freely, playfully.”

Technical requirements

System Requirements:
• Stable internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
• Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
• A webcam or HD webcam – built-in or USB plug-in
• Or, an HD cam or HD camcorder with a video capture card
• Preferably a computer or a laptop, alternatively a tablet. A mobile phone or a smartphone is NOT advised.
• The newest version of Zoom app

Supported Operating Systems and Devices:
• Mac OS X with MacOS 10.7 or later
• Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP
• Android & iOS devices


– How to register?
Please fill the form to register for the classes: here. Wait for the confirmation, transfer the fee and you are ready to go.

– I registered but didn’t cover the fee. Is my workshop spot reserved?
Unfortunately not, your place is fully booked only when you cover the fee.

– I am interested in Performance Art but have not much experience, can I take these classes?
Of course, you can, moreover, you should 😉 The PAS teaching method is structured in a way, that no matter what stage you are in you will gain from the process and can further develop your interests.

-I am already an experienced performance artist, will I learn anything new?
Yes, you will, under one condition – you will attend the class with full dedication 😉

– I would need a letter to apply for covering my participation fee. Can you provide such a letter?
No problem with that. You just need to provide us with some details and we can send you the letter.

– Can I apply for a scholarship?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide scholarships. We can support you by sending invitation letters if you want to apply for some grants.

– I am an art student at a university. Is it possible that my whole class takes part in this course?
Yes, reach out to us and we will help you with further steps.

Were your questions still not answered? Write us an email:


  1. Fill the application form below by clicking “Start here”.
  2. Wait for our confirmation.
  3. Transfer the fee.


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