Sometimes People say something.
And here is what they say after working with us:

Lunch Break
“It is one of these fantastic PAS mornings: Everyone was on time, intensive experimentations, exercises, and reflections are happening on a high artistic level, materials and open notebooks are laying around: A concentrated working atmosphere where one can feel attention and awareness since more than 3 hours – without a break. Realizing this, I stop the process and offer the group a well-deserved break. So, everyone took some fruits, sandwiches, and something to drink outside the classroom. After a short while, I noticed that everyone was waiting directly in front of the door, talking about the last task. So, I went to the door and asked them why they don’t go outside for some fresh air or somewhere else to relax and have a proper break, sit down to eat instead of standing here at the door. The answer from the whole group made me smile: “We actually don’t want to have a break (a bit annoyed). We would like to continue with the work! (full of excitement)”… and so we did.”

BBB Johannes Deimling

The participants of PAS | Performance Art Studies 80 in Nijmegen, Netherlands 2022
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