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Would you like to cooperate with PAS? We have a wide range of services related to teaching and learning performance art. We offer different projects or ideas for festivals, galleries, art institutions, as well as universities and schools. Have a look below and contact us if you have any questions.

BBB Johannes Deimling

BBB Johannes Deimling, born 1969 in Andernach, is a visual artist and works in the fields of performance art, video art, drawing and art film. Since 2016 he is married to the Polish photographer Monika Deimling, and both are also sharing an artistic collaboration.

He has 35 years experience as a performance artist, 26 years as a performance art teacher and he guided over 1600 artists, students and teachers during PAS | Performance Art Studies projects.

Central to Deimling’s work is the creation of visual, poetic imagery that intentionally eludes direct logic while offering a metaphorical perception. The images in the form of performances, drawings, video and film works are intended to trigger new images in the viewer. Deimling is not primarily interested in what one sees, but rather in what one does not see: the images in the minds of the viewers.

BBB Johannes Deimling has invested a large part of his artistic research in teaching and learning performance art processes since 1997. He works internationally at art academies and art universities as a professor, lecturer and teacher of performance art. In 2008 he founded the international art and education project PAS | Performance Art Studies and has been the artistic director since then.

“IN THE WORKS” is a publication documenting the work of BBB Johannes Deimling 2010-2022, which you can read in our Library.

BBB Johannes Deimling’s performance artworks have been internationally presented at several performance art events such as: Accion!MAD, Madrid, Spain; Interakcje, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland; FADO, Toronto, Canada; M:ST –performative art festival, Calgary, Canada; Blauverschiebung, Leipzig, Germany; BONE, Bern, Switzerland; LAS BAS biennal, Helsinki, Finland; PAO -Performance Art Oslo, Oslo, Norway; Live Action, Guangzhou, China; PERNEO, Madrid, Spain;, Copenhagen, Denmark; Venice International Performance Art Week, Venice Italy; PAB -Performance Art Bergen, Bergen, Norway; CLOUD festival, Tirana, Albania; Carbonarium, Kyiv, Ukraine; Performance Crossings, Prague, Czechia, IMAF, Odzaci, Serbia; Homar festival, Khorramabad, Iran; UP-ON festival, Chengdu, China; EPHEMERA, Copenhagen, Denmark; KONTAKT, Gorzów Wielkoposki, Poland; STARPTELPA, Riga, Latvia; ACCIONES AL MARGEN, Bucaramanga, Columbia; and many others.

Besides his international presence at performance art festivals his works were presented at: ARKEN -Museum for contemporary art, Copenhagen, Denmark; Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany; KIASMA -Museum for contemporary art, Helsinki, Finland; ICA -International Center of the Arts, London, UK; Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig, Germany; Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria; Arsenale, Venice, Italy; Turbinenhalle, Winterthur, Switzerland; CCA -Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel; Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, UK; Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany; Schindlers Factory, Krakow, Poland; Albertinum –Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden, Germany; KUNSTMITTE, Art Fair, Magdeburg; and many others.


5-12 day practice-based performance art course and research, focused on the artistic and pedagogical outcomes. Its didactical structure allows that the experiences gained by the participants can resonate for a long time and influence the individual work after the PAS | Studies. Ideal number of participants: 8 – 12.

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Detailed Offer

Program offers deep insight into Performance Art practice, theory, and philosophy through:

  • Exercises, tasks, experiments, research assignments, presentations (for group and individual work)
  • Lectures, artist talks, discussions, and debate sessions
  • Documentation and reflection through using different artistic mediums (text, drawing, painting, photography, video, etc.)

Program based on researching specific performance- related topics such as:

  • Site-specific
  • Material/object
  • Sound
  • Duration
  • (Inter)action

Each topic can be additionally explored with an invited guest artist who specializes in each subject.

Research results:

PAS | Study’s collective and individual research results in a festival-like public event, which is based on the experiences gained during the course.
Further on,  program is summarized in a process publication containing:

  • notes
  • drawings
  • results of exercises
  • photographs
  • the final performances
  • other texts written by teachers and participants

Process  publication also serves as a research publication for people who did not participate in the PAS | Study. Examples of process publications can be found in the PAS | Library.

PAS | Study in an Academic Context

Based on the established PAS | Study formats, we offer a slightly modified version for art colleges, art universities and other academic institutions. Adapted to the institutions’ curriculum, schedule and research, these study formats additionally include an oral or written evaluation and the awarding of credit points for BA and/or MA students. It is possible to integrate a PAS | Study as a compulsory workshop in an academic institution.

Examples of academic institutions with which PAS has successfully collaborated with:

  • HKU – Hogeschol for de Kunsten, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • KHiO – Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway
  • Strzemiński Academy of Art, Łódź, Poland
  • EKA – Estonian Art Academy, Tallinn, Estonia

The ideal number of participants depends on the size of the class/department.

Examples of PAS | Studies (selection):

“Course of Action” – gesture, movement, action
Focus: Transforming all day life actions into performance art works.

“Creaking wooden fish” – sound, music, noise
Focus: Sound as a major element in performance art practice.

“Places of duration” – still-life, time, endurance
Focus: Still-life performance and long-duration performance.

“SITE SEEING” – site-specific, urbanity, space/ architecture
Focus: Performances created with or for a specific site or space.


A short but intensive format that offers a 2- or 3-day workshop focusing on performance art and its different aspects in practice. Precise experimentation settings allow to examine and experience the potential of various tools and areas around performance art practice, such as body, action, material, space, time etc.

However, the focus of INPUT can also be adapted and fine-tuned, or just highlight one aspect of performance art in particular. For instance, PAS | INPUT format can be based on the PAS | Sculpture Park: a task and a presentation format, which uses the still-life performance as a focus. Ideal number of participants: 8 – 20.

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Based on the PAS | Study format, the PAS | Youth Studies are adjusted to teenagers and young adults. It can be a 2-day short program or longer, as per needs. By engaging with performance art, young people learn not only about their inner strength, but also about their impact on the outside world.

The PAS | Youth Studies are ideal for schools, youth clubs or youth organizations and can be connected to a specific theme or topic of the school curriculum. These age-appropriate workshops focusing on performance art practice and/or performance-based video and photography are suitable for week-long projects in schools and can include a public presentation. Especially for the youth section we have developed a particular didactical and pedagogical approach that is accessible and allows everyone in a class context to be able to engage with performance art. Ideal number of participants: 20-25, depending on the class size.

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Examples of previous cooperation partners:

  • KSG – Gymnasium, Andernach Germany
  • Gymnasium “Bürgerwiese”, Dresden, Germany
  • Gymnasium “Stift Neuzelle”, Neuzelle Germany
  • TAK – Theatreacademy, Dresden, Germany
  • Kulturskolen, Esbjerg, Denmark.



The online format was an integral part of the educational PAS program already before the pandemic. The Online Class is a practice-based weekend course in which the restrictions of physical meetings are seen as possibilities. Each class is given a specific topic within the performance art field, enhanced with lectures and assignments, performance tasks and exercises. By using different online tools, we create a connection to performance art genres such as video-performance or performances for camera (photo or film/video). We take advantage of the different locations and spaces of participants to deepen the exchange.

The PAS | Online Class offers a collective moment of artistic research and work with people from different time-zones all over the world.

This format is also available for art schools and art universities. Moreover, its duration and frequency can be adjusted. Ideal number of participants: 6 – 9.

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Examples of Online Classes:

PAS | Online Class „Poetry and Performance Art”, „Site-specific”, „Performance and photography” as well as the project “creative paradox” in cooperation with the Haverford College, Philadelphia, United States or the Online Class with the Kibbutzim Seminar College, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Due to our involvement in schools and work with young people, we offer special training for art teachers, educators and workshop leaders. The often asked question “How can you teach performance art to students in school?” is the focus of these workshops. In 3 – 5 days, didactics and methods are discussed and tested to create a basic understanding of the art form and the specifics of teaching approach, form and content. Based on case studies and performance experiences, results will be exchanged, developing a teaching unit on performance art. In addition, concrete teaching concepts will be presented that can be taught in 45-minute intervals with a school class.

A list of exemplary artists (websites), examples of performance art works and research materials will be provided in this course. Ideal number of participants: 8 – 12.

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Examples of Teacher Trainings collaborators:

  • Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management, Dillingen, Germany
  • BDK – German Association of Art Educators, Koblenz Germany
  • TU-Dresden, department for art pedagogy, Dresden Germany
  • ALP – Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management, Dillingen, Germany


Our tutoring is designed for artists, collectives or groups developing work or projects in the field of performance art, as well as for students working on their BA and MA thesis. PAS | Tutoring offers guidance from the first step to presentation and documentation, or can enter into an ongoing process with specific input to enhance research and work. We offer strategies for concept development and research methods, suggest process-based working tools, critical reflection and problem-solving approaches at all stages of the artistic process. Meetings can be held online and/or in person.

Our network allows us to connect with artists, curators and festivals around the world and recommend mentored performances or productions.

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Presenting performance art works to those who have not seen them live is an inevitable task for artists working with an ephemeral concept. Documenting an impermanent art form is very difficult to generalise and requires a special attention to convey the main idea of the performance work. PAS supports the process of creating portfolios, websites, publications and documentation from scratch. We offer help with tasks such as selecting images, titles of the work, advice on how to write the text (description of action, artist statement, what to include in your CV and what in the biography, etc.), basic design and layout support. Moreover, we have successfully assisted in the creation of an individual portfolio to apply for an academic art education, grant, residency and other open calls or contests.

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We offer curatorial and educational support for existing performance art festivals or events and initiatives that are interested in establishing such a festival in their community. Starting from the analysis of the festival’s idea and structure, financing ideas, networking to promotion, we can support the idea of organising a performance festival or adapt its existing format. Thanks to our long experience in this field, we can combine the idea for the festival with international contacts and curatorial selection of artists. Through our activities and projects, we have built a wide network consisting of young and emerging artists who can add a fresh perspective on performance art and enhance  the festival program. We are also pleased to offer cooperation in co-organising symposia, conferences and seminars on performance art and education.

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Examples of supported festivals and symposiums:

  • PAO – Performance Art Oslo, Festival Norway
  • STRE!FEN – Performance Art Festival, Görlitz, Germany
  • Act.Move.Perform. Symposium, Siebeneichen, Meißen, Germany


We have developed various lecture formats on performance art based on our many years of work and experience, which we can provide, among others, to art academies and universities, as well as to performance art festivals and anyone who seeks to learn more about the context of performance art. We use various presentation formats such as photographs, video clips, books, storytelling, drawings, as well as performative elements to enrich the content of the lectures.

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Examples of lectures:

“The non-obvious timeline of performance art.”, the emergence and development of performance art (including action art, body art, happening, FLUXUS, activism, etc.) will be addressed in the context of political, social and cultural events of the time and presented in a timeline from 1900 to nowadays.

“Notes on Performance Art”, examples of performances dealing with different genres and approaches of performance art from 2000 to today. The focus is on international artists who have been active recently.

“The vivid circular artistic dialogue between performance art and poetry.”, a specific look at performance art works that use poetry or poetics as a primary source. In addition to performance examples, poetry, painting and other art genres will be included in the lecture to highlight the development and necessity of this specific expression in the practice of performance art.