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PAS | Team gets ready for the tour of PAS | Studies and Projects in person. The following programs are open for international participants to join:


  • PAS #79 “In Every Bottle Is a Story”
    11 – 17 September in Quebec City, Canada
  • PAS #80 “The Air Is Not Empty”
    21 – 25 September in Montreal, Canada
  • PAS #81 “Course of Action”
    23 – 30 October in Nijmegen, Netherlands

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PAS | Performance Art Studies is an independent art and educational research platform that has been offering intensive studies, workshops, courses and masterclasses for anyone interested in performance art since 2008.

The goal of PAS is to offer a comprehensive form of learning and teaching in the process of Performance Art practice, theory and philosophy.

PAS understands performance art as a social art practice that is rooted within the visual arts. This viewpoint is the base of how we understand performance art education.

At the center of our work is the artistic research process, an open and dynamic working atmosphere focused on finding out together how performance art can be used as a tool in art and society.


The core team of PAS | consists of three visual artists and educators who aim to change the way performance art has been produced and conceptualised over time. Their shared interest is to use the practice, theory and philosophy of performance art to shape an ongoing shifting research process that reaches beyond art to reshape our perceptions and action strategies.

Since its foundation, PAS has developed into a community of artists, researchers and educators who explore performance art as a tool for social action and the activation of individual and collective action to share this knowledge with other fields within and beyond the arts.

Monika Deimling

PAS | creative manager and photographer


PAS | co-teacher and researcher

BBB Johannes Deimling

PAS | artistic director and founder

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PAS #43 | Places of duration #2  22. october - 7. november 2015 / Fredrikstad, Norway as part of the study program at the NTA - Norwegian Theatre Academy

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